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Our latest Single Linear Light with a slimmer design and superior finishing to complement a versatile range of interior designs. With its new anti-glare microprism lens cover, it provides high luminous output yet comfortable lighting for close distance applications. Also available with bi-directional lighting.

  • Applications: Shops, Offices, Dining Room, Meeting Rooms
  • Lighting Options: Standard Down lighting (1D), Up/Down lighting (2D)
  • Cover Options: Microprism lens cover, Reflector cups or Combination cover
  • Mounting Options: Suspension Cable Mounting
  • Dimming Options: 0-10V
  • Accessories: Extra Suspension cables available in 1.5m, 2.0m or 3.0m
  • Inclusive: One (1) set of selected mounting accessories – Standard Suspension Cable is 1.5m
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Ring Linear Light is a new product which features seamless method of joining 2 sections of curved linear light together to create a perfect circle. This product can also create Oval and S-Shape.

  • Length & Wattage: 0.6m – 19W, 1.0m – 40W, 1.2m – 53W, 1.5m – 69W, 2.0m – 91W
  • Applications: Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Shops, Offices, Hotels
  • Mount Options: Suspension Cable Mounting, Surface Mount
  • Dimming Options: 0-10V optional
  • Accessories: Extra suspension cables (1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m), joint connector
  • Inclusive: Two (2) Sets of selected mounting accessories – Standard Suspension Cable is 1.5m
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Blast from the past! Classic T8 batten light fixture with 21th century T8 LED technology. Each linear light batten comes with high brightness T8 LED tube.

  • Applications: Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Shops, Offices, Warehouse
  • Mount Options: Suspension Rod Mounting, Surface Mount
  • Dimming Options: Not Dimmable
  • Set Includes: 1 Batten + 1 T8 LED Tube
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Track Joint

Straight Track Joint for single phase track is to extend the track to your desired length and still be controlled with one switch.

L-Shape Track Joint for single phase track is angled at 90° to run round a corner or a room. With this joint, the track system cab be easily controlled with just one switch.


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Outré 3528 is our high density flexible LED strip with small 3528 LED chips embedded in a close proximity for a seamless continuous line of light.

Outré 5050 is our high density flexible LED strip with larger 5050 LED chips embedded in close proximity to produce greater brightness.

They can be applied directly onto a surface or used with our Aluminium Profile. They are easy to use as they can be cut or joined to any desired length or contour. Our LED strips have been selected for its superior colour rendition, lighting output and durability.

  • Applications: Cabinets and Shelving, Study Table, Cove Light, Mood Light
  • Mounting Options: Surface Mount
  • Accessories: (Optional) Aluminium Profile
  • Requires 12V DC LED Driver
  • Each pack of LED strips comes in a 10m reel
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All Linear lights purchased from LighturrTM comes with a pair of 1 meter suspension mounting sets. These suspension cable pack are available in 1, 2 and 3 meters, available for replacements, extension or additional cable for longer Linear lights.

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Light Bar Profile offers a sleek line of light which can be mounted onto a surface, or even used as a super slim decorative suspended linear light.

  • Application: Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Shops, Offices, Home
  • Mount Options: Surface Mount, Suspension Cable Mount
  • Accessories: End Caps, Suspension Cable, Surface mount brackets
  • Requires: LED Strips and LED Driver
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U-Shape profile can be used as a light bar for cove lighting. This profile can protect the LED strips from dust and overheating.
Application : Cabinet lighting, Cove lighting, etc
Mount Options : Surface Mount

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We modify pendant lights for mounting onto tracks. These modified pendants lights can be used together with Track System Spot Lights and Track System Linear Lights. Tracks are easy to install and Track systems lights uses a “plug and play” approach which allows versatile usage.

  • Accessories: Track 2-Phase, Track Joint – Straight, Track Joint – L
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Our T8 and T5 LED tubes with high lumen output and longer lifespan. They can be installed in either air-conditioned offices and supermarket or in non-air conditioned environment like warehouses and car parks. Our LED tubes are ideal for retrofitting as they can be installed directly onto existing fixtures.

  • T8 nano plastic LED with better heat dissipation
  • T5 LED with high lumen output
  • T8 UV free LED approved for use in microchip fabrication plants
  • Available in 2ft and 4ft lengths
  • For more details, please contact us


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