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LighTurr™ is focused in providing quality LED lighting systems for commercial use. We have worked with our OEM manufacturers for many years in developing our specialized products with high quality components which provide exceptional lumen output and aesthetics.

All Linear lights purchased from LighturrTM comes with a pair of 1 meter suspension mounting sets. These suspension cable pack are available in 1, 2 and 3 meters, available for replacements, extension or additional cable for longer Linear lights.

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This versatile single phase track system can be used with track spotlight, track pendant light and track linear light. These tracks can be surface mounted on a flat surface or into a groove (recessed), or suspended with mounting rods. They can be joined together in a straight line or at a 90° angle. With this track system, you can conveniently place the lights at anywhere you like.

  • Additional: Track Joint – Straight, Track Joint – L
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Track Joint

Straight Track Joint for single phase track is to extend the track to your desired length and still be controlled with one switch.

L-Shape Track Joint for single phase track is angled at 90° to run round a corner or a room. With this joint, the track system cab be easily controlled with just one switch.


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